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National Winter Playwrights' Retreat

In cooperation with the Human Stage [HS] and Creede Repertory Theatre (CRT), the HBMG Foundation presents our second annual Winter Writer's Retreat in Creede, Colorado.

Last winter, 10 playwrights from throughout the country accepted our invitation for an extraordinary creative retreat. This year, we are extending 25 invitations across the world! We want to share our winter with any playwright who is ready to work.

Nestled between the cliffs of this winter wonderland is a LORT D Theatre boasting some of the best performances in the United States. But they only have a summer season, so [HS] and CRT want to use the serenity and creative energy of the Rocky Mountains to set the stage for new play development.

If you can get yourself here and get yourself fed, we’ll provide the gorgeous scenery and accommodations. You'll meet with CRT, [HS], and HBMG Foundation artistic staff, enjoy dinner with staff and artists, and perhaps have an opportunity to have your play read out loud by actors who have stayed the winter in this tiny town.


You are invited for one week (Sunday through Saturday) December 27 –February 13. The retreat is divided into four weeks with one writer each week, and two sets of group co-ops with up to twelve writers each week. You are welcome to bring actors, a director, or co-creators with you – for development, readings and planning. You’ll stay in CRT housing nestled amongst the Sangre de Cristo and the San Juan Mountains.

If you choose, you might be able to have your play read by actors in an intimate salon setting. Afterwards you will receive feedback from actors, staff and invited guests. We do not expect your work to be completed. In some cases, you may only have a few scenes in development. The reading could be at the beginning or end of your stay. Our goal is not to judge your work, but to provide you feedback for its development.

Artists whose works are ready are encouraged to submit a piece to CRT’s Headwater’s Festival for new works.

Write, network and recharge. This is not a competition; we want you to create.

To apply for your "week of writing getaway,” contact Ann at by November 1, 2015. Introduce yourself professionally and personally, and include details on what you’ll be writing and the dates you would be interested in staying.

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2014 Writer's Retreat!

HBMG Foundation welcomes playwrights of Central Texas to Creede, Colorado! Extending the writer's retreat to members of Scriptworks, the Foundation offers a cabin (with wifi), beautiful scenery, cool weather, and the potential opportunity to have a script read by company members at Creede Repertory Theatre.

Playwrights Kalli Angel, Rita Anderson, Ramon Carver, James Burnside, Ihor Gowda, and Anne Wynter will retreat, reflect, and write June-August 2014.

Special thanks to actors Christy Brandt, John S. Green, Ann Pittman, Sean Thompson, and Hannah Lake Chatham for reading with our writers and providing feedback. Break legs this season!