Portland Artist Katrina Zarate makes art - portraits in particular. HBMG Foundation nurtures playwrights specifically through the National Winter Playwrights Retreat. The town of Creede graciously welcomes over 40 playwrights and actors each winter into their tiny community. And that gave us an idea...

HBMG Foundation has invited Katrina to capture a small mountain town - its residents, characters, miners, and thespians with paint. This town that fosters creativity including Creede Repertory Theatre and the National Winter Playwrights Retreat will not only get to see art, applaud art, or make art... they will BE THE ART.

Each resident of Creede this winter will have the opportunity to have a candid photo or a photo of their kids, family, or dogs taken around town. (Alternately, participants may email a photo to Ann). In addition, each resident will give their name and three words to describe them (this will inform the backdrop against which their portraits are painted). Those photos and 3 words will be sent to Katrina who will pick up her paintbrush!

This spring when Katrina comes to visit Creede, she'll bring the portraits she's finished which we hope will inspire even more residents to get their picture taken. Next year, HBMG Foundation plans to hold an art show of all the portraits! At that art show, residents will have the opportunity to purchase their portrait - a pay what you can amount. All proceeds will go to benefit the National Winter Playwrights Retreat.

Art is cyclical. We bring playwrights to Creede... playwrights spend money around town and improve the economy... the town asks how they can help... we let them become the art... they get to then buy the art... and we get to bring in more playwrights. The circle continues.