Art of Business

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On April 16, 2009, The HBMG Foundation, HBMG Inc., and the Austin Museum of Art (AMOA) held the first ever Art of Business, an exhibit showcasing the artwork of Senior and C-Level Executives.

The Love Sonatas

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A five play series: Foursquare, Shards, Sonata Escondida, Stroke, and Kuka premiered at the inaugural season of the Long Center for the Performing Arts, 2008.

Foursquare Frontera Fest 2012

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Foursquare by Manuel Zarate at Frontera Fest 2012

Shakespeare Scrooged

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The Dickens' Carol as told by Shakespeare's characters a new comedy by Manuel Zarate!

Club E

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HBMG Foundation and Club E Network have joined together to support creative entrepreneurs in Austin and across the country.

Theatre Under the Bridge

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Theatre Under the Bridge: helping creative individuals continue developing their craft and new works by offering them an opportunity to showcase their artistic achievements at First Night Austin.

Artspark Festival

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ArtSpark began in 2005 as an eight week new play competition, and by 2008, grew into a 12 week collaborative competition composed of individuals in theatre, music, visual art, video game design, and marketing. The Festival brought these disciplines together to form Creative Teams. To aid Creative Teams along the way the Foundation provided a budget, workspace, mentors, industry workshops, and equipment to help facilitate the process.
Below you will find a list of people that have been involved in our programming over the past few years who now have organizations or companies of their own. If you know of an organization or someone that is missing, or find any errors in the list, please let us know!


Blue Lapis Light

  • Mimi Kayl-Vaughan, 2008 ArtSpark Festival


Walking Shadow Repertory

  • Cliff Coats, 2005 ArtSpark Festival
  • Ben Columbus, 2005 ArtSpark Festival
  • Rhea Hines, 2005 ArtSpark Festival
  • Mark Maslow, 2005 and 2007 ArtSpark Festival
  • Aaron Sanders, 2005 ArtSpark Festival, Love Sonatas
  • Etta Sanders, 2005 ArtSpark Festival


Our Favorite Colors

  • Ashleigh Stone, 2008 ArtSpark Festival

The Pelicks

  • Adam Hilton, 2006 ArtSpark Festival, Love Sonatas

Single Frame

  • Ross Ethridge, 2008 ArtSpark Festival
  • Adreon Henry, 2008 ArtSpark Festival
  • Richard Richaros, 2008 ArtSpark Festival
  • Jason Schleter, 2008 ArtSpark Festival


Bedlam Faction

  • Hildreth England, 2006 ArtSpark Festival
  • Liz Fisher, 2005 ArtSpark Festival, Love Sonatas
  • Robert Matney, 2005 ArtSpark Festival, Love Sonatas
  • Michael Mergen, 2006 ArtSpark Festival

Cambiare Productions

  • Travis Bedard, 2006 ArtSpark Festival, Love Sonatas, Creativity Incubator
  • Will Hollis Snider, 2006 ArtSpark Festival, Love Sonatas, Creativity Incubator

Capital T Theatre

  • Mark Pickell, 2007 Love Sonatas

Debutantes and Vagabonds

  • Amanda Garfield, 2007 ArtSpark Festival, Love Sonatas, Creativity Incubator
  • Francisco Rodriguez, 2007 ArtSpark Festival, Creativity Incubator

Humdrum Collective

  • Noel Gaulin, 2007 ArtSpark Festival
  • Erin Meyer, 2007 ArtSpark Festival

Last Act Theatre Company

  • Karen Alvarado, Love Sonatas

Loaded Gun Theory

  • Tim Thomas, 2005 ArtSpark Festival

Poison Apple Initiative

  • Bastion Carboni, 2008 ArtSpark Festival

Present Company Theatre

  • Matteo Barrera, Love Sonatas

Vestige Group

  • Susie Gidseg, 2008 ArtSpark Festival
  • Andrew Varenhorst, 2006 and 2008 ArtSpark Festival

Video Game

Cozmic Funk Studios

  • John P. Funk, 2008 ArtSpark Festival, Love Sonatas

Creative Ink

  • Darren Minke, 2005 ArtSpark Festival

Visual Art

Austin Figurative Group

  • David Ohlerking, 2008 ArtSpark Festival
  • David de lara, 2007 and 2008 ArtSpark Festival
  • Senalka McDonald, 2008 ArtSpark Festival