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 Winter 2024. If you would like more information, contact us.









Winter 2024

The National Winter Playwrights Retreat is currently planning a Blueridge Mountain winter 2024 retreat. More news to follow.

We are currently in discussions with the city of Saint Joseph, Missouri to establish a homestead program for playwrights.

Playwrights will have the opportunity to own a home if they commit to living in the city for a defined term and do repair or rehab to the home.

While the terms and conditions of the program have not yet been defined nor has the program  been accepted, if you are interested in owning your own home, we want to hear from you.


National Playwright Homestead Project

Tell us a story about you and your family and what community means to you.

For the First time in American Theatre

4Seasons Residency

In the winter of 2018, surrounded by snow and the Rocky Mountains, the leaders of five play development organizations retreated in Creede, Colorado: National Winter Playwrights Retreat of Colorado, Ignition Arts of Oklahoma, Seven Devils Playwrights Conference of Idaho, Tofte Lake Center of Minnesota, and the National New Play Network. Each organization is committed to the development of the American Playwright. Each organization has a distinctive approach to how it supports the playwright – and each of them quickly realized that together, their organizations could offer something substantial to a playwright. After much talk, tequila and laughter the 4 Seasons Residency was born. Our goal is to open a new path and lead the way to a new process for the development of new plays for the American Theatre.

Featured News

After six years in Creede, CO, the National Winter Playwrights Retreat accepted the invitation of the Grand Lake, Colorado community. We look forward to working together to highlight the importance of rural communities in the United States.  

4 Seasons Residency

The 4 Seasons Residency was created to examine how organizations can work together to accomplish shared goals and change the landscape of new play development in America. 

National Playwrights Retreat

A playwright based retreat, the National Winter Playwrights Retreat prioritizes the writer, not the work being produced. In enabling the playwright with freedom from expectations, we enable the art.

National Actors Retreat

The last 20 years has fundamentally changed how we communicate and seek out information. In many cases, training does not reflect those changes. The National Actors Retreat is a conversation entwined in the landscape of new technologies and audiences that are now discovering the power of performance that expands beyond the stage.


“It was an extraordinary experience. I was surrounded by people that not only cared about my work but they cared about me.” Jeni Mahoney

“I’ve been to the retreat several times. Ideas, new plays, and energy are born there.” Liz Engelman


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Whether you’ve been to a retreat or are thinking about it, we want to hear from you. Don’t be shy. Send us your questions or comments. 


We are currently NOT accepting applications for Winter/summer 2022. We plan to start the retreats again in 2023. Stay posted.