2014 - Present

National Winter Playwrights Retreat

A playwright based retreat, the National Winter Playwrights Retreat (NWPR) prioritizes the playwright, not the work being produced. Playwrights have an opportunity to have their work read or sung, enjoy conversation over dinners and coffees, sight-see in the San Juan Mountains, and tour local theaters. The retreat provides respite and renewal for playwrights. However, the artist’s rejuvenation inevitably finds its way into her art. In enabling the playwright freedom from expectations, NWPR enables the art.

Coming January 2019

National Winter Actors Retreat

In conjunction with NWPR, the National Winter Actors Retreat invites actors to experience a two-week, conservatory-style program amid the natural beauty and mountains of Creede, Colorado. This unique acting intensive aims to cultivate skills to bolster the working actor, and to create a personal growth model by which actors can develop current and future professional goals. This is a retreat to develop your abilities and to strengthen your soul. We are interested in who you are.

Awaiting launch...

The American Playbook

In the current theatrical landscape, playwrights send their scripts to contests, workshops and theaters with hopes of being selected for production. However, literary departments are understaffed and overworked. The American Playbook provides an alternative method for literary departments to listen to plays – on the way to work, over lunch, or at the gym. Plays, are meant to be seen and heard, not read. Plus, let’s let the public in on our playwrights’ creative process! Script writing is the “Research and Development” of American Theatre!

February 2018

Be the Art

For the first time an entire American town was captured on canvas. Bartenders, teachers, Trump supporters, and retired miners were invited to submit a photo of themselves and their family to be painted. 241 daughters, brothers, grandparents, lovers and even 5 dogs were photographed and sent to Portland. Armed with an iPhone photo, a 16” by 20” canvas, and a paintbrush, Portrait Artist Katrina Zarate used oil, acrylics and copic to create mini masterpieces of this mighty mountain town.

January 2018

Winter Workshop

With over 100 NWPR alumni playwrights brimming with creativity, we asked them for scripts that a small mountain community with miners and thespians might enjoy watching. Two winning scripts were offered a week of rehearsals and two public readings in Creede and Pagosa Springs, inviting locals to participate in the creation of a new script!